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Archive for July, 2010

Required Harassment Policy and Training Q&A

30 July 2010

Interestingly, most employers are not required to have a written harassment policy in place or to train employees about harassment. But, if you do not, you could expose your organization to a very expensive harassment lawsuit. Q:Are we required to have a written policy on harassment and if so, do we have to provide harassment […]

Dress Codes Can Be Different for Men and Women

29 July 2010

While it is generally true that you can have different dress and appearance standards for men and women, you need to make sure you are implementing them properly. Many employers have questions about dress codes, and in particular, whether dress codes can specify different rules for the appearance of men and women. For example, can […]

Issues in Setting Time Off for Bereavement Q&A

29 July 2010

No one likes to think about needing time off to deal with the death of a family member, but every employer has to be ready to address these requests. Your compassionate response can help employees get through a difficult time. Q:We want to implement a bereavement leave policy but are not sure how much time […]

Retaliation Claims Move to Top of EEOC List

29 July 2010

When you take adverse employment action, you need to guard not only against discrimination charges but also against retaliation claims. Learn the basics of retaliation claims and find out four steps you should take to limit your exposure. The latest Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) statistics show that retaliation claims continue to be filed against […]

COBRA Premium Reduction Subsidy Extended

29 July 2010

Congress extended eligibility for the temporary COBRA premium reduction subsidy by two months and provided six more months of reduced premiums for covered beneficiaries. Find out what new provisions were included in the extension. The period to sign up for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) subsidy that provides terminated employees and their beneficiaries […]

How Do Holidays and Bonuses Affect Overtime?

29 July 2010

How Do Holidays and Bonuses Affect Overtime? Calculating overtime can be even more challenging this time of year when paid holidays and bonuses are paid out. Find out how these items affect your nonexempt employees’ pay. E-Tips Alert – COBRA subsidy extended:Congress extended the COBRA subsidy as part of its Department of Defense Appropriations Act, […]