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28 July 2010

About Personnel Policy Service, Inc.

Since 1972, Personnel Policy Service, Inc. (PPS) has focused on serving the growing needs of employers for practical HR policy and compliance solutions.

Over the years, we have developed comprehensive databases of HR policies, best practices, and legal explanations that serve as the core for our specialized publications. Our flagship service, the Personnel Policy Manual, is referred to by many as the “Bible” of HR policy information. Nationwide, thousands of HR professionals, business owners, consultants, and lawyers rely on it for quick answers, thorough research, and ready-to-use models.

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, PPS was founded by Jay and Leslie Norman and is now moving into its second generation as the Normans’ two daughters are both active in the business. We pride ourselves on being small enough to maintain a “family” tradition of high quality and personalized service, but large enough to provide in-depth analysis and cutting-edge solutions for the toughest HR problems.

Our outside legal editor is the firm of Vedder Price,, which is a national business-oriented law firm with over 260 lawyers in Chicago, New York, and Washington who practice in all areas of business law with a particular emphasis on labor and employment law compliance and litigation.

Plain-English HR Policy and Compliance Solutions – For You

Each day, our in-house editorial staff researches and analyzes all the new HR trends and important court cases, regulations, and legislation. We also talk regularly to HR consultants and employment law attorneys and monitor new developments to make sure you have the most accurate and up-to-date HR information. To fulfill this mission:

Bottom Line: You receive the support information and confidence you need to make tough, but wise, HR decisions everyday.